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After an intense 3-day workshops and discussions of walk, talk, think, sleep blogging, now’s the time to share our thoughts with one another.

BlogFest Asia does not end with the event, we will use this platform to keep everybody connected, here, we will link all posts written by bloggers around the world about the event (in all Asian languages, of course):

We DON’T WANT to leave you out! please leave a link in the comment box if we missed your post!

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25 Days To Go

A lot of people asked :”Is it free of charge? I don’t have to pay anything to attend this event?”

Oh Yeah, is totally FREE !

Free Lunch, free dinner, free workshop, free seminar……You arrange your own accommodation and transportation, and we will take care the rest. (By the way, we’re not going to pay for your shopping, indeed…ha !)

Don’t wait ! please register as soon as possible @ Here.

For those who need to apply for travel subsidy, please summit the form @ Here.

Can’t wait to see you all in Penang, Malaysia !

Welcome Dinner

Hi all

Now we proudly announced – 2010 welcome dinner hosted by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia will be held in award’s winning restaurant – QE II On The Sea.

QE II On The Sea – the most unique party and dining destination in Penang, Malaysia. Where else in the world can you, dine and be fine surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Melakka Straits? Are you ready for a stylish experience of the carefully selected food and ambiance?

Kindly registered yourself now !

QE II, Tanjung City Marina, Church St. Pier,
8A, Pangkalan Weld, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Travel Funding plans to provide travel funding for each participating country (except Malaysia). will provide:

1. Up to USD $500 for flight fares.
2. Local transportation (round trip airport-to-hotel & 2010 venue)
3. Two-night hotel accommodation.
4. 1 day tour of Penang 10 Icons Places will also plan to provide partial financial support for qualified participants.

* Capacity: up to 20 people
* Participants will be responsible for his/her round trip flight fares.
* Local transportation (round trip airport-to-hotel & 2010 venue)
* Two-night hotel accommodation.
* 1 day tour of Penang 10 Icons Places

You should submit your application and wait for the approval from The registration is open now.


We has been searching for suitable venue for the past few months, and now we proudly announced Wawasan Open University, Penang is the most suitable for us to gather bloggers all around from Asia.

Wawasan Open University’s fully equipped state-of-the-art theatres on the fifth floor of the tower can hold up to 400 people and are suitable for arts performances, concerts, movie screenings, seminars and symposiums.

There are 17 seminar rooms on Level 2 of the Albukhary building, equipped with audio-visual facilities, to hold trainings, presentations and workshops.

Get ready your camera ! The blend of old world charm epitomised in the 20th century mansion and contemporary architecture reflected in the glass facade tower turns events into memorable experiences for guests.

And of course, the beautiful Penang island and it’s famous local cuisine !

Here We Come Again !


Welcome to Penang, Malaysia !

2010 will be held in one of the top tourism spot in southeast asia – Unesco Heritage Site, Georgetown, Penang. is a festival for bloggers in Asia. This is the region’s 2nd cross-border gathering for blogger community. Everyone is welcome to join the festival and meet hundreds of bloggers from the neighborhood community. Participants will be able to learn blogger / blogging activities in perspective countries / territories, and interact with key bloggers in Asia.

The 3-day Blogfest.Asia ’2010 event program at-a-glance will consist of:

  • one evening gathering / welcome dinner exclusively for participating bloggers (1st Oct evening)
  • half-day conference (2nd Oct)
  • 2010 Mybloggercon award (2nd Oct evening)
  • workshops and group discussion (2nd Oct & 3rd Oct) will support and work closely with associated blogger community and events in the region. It will also serve as an ideal hub, community exchange point, and action camp for bloggers in Asia to make technological and social impact for the benefit of the region.