The Aftermath…

Now that the 2010 BlogFest.Asia is over. It is time for you to share what you took and left behind. 🙂

If you have anything on 2010 BlogFest.Asia on your blog, please leave a comment here with your links. We would like to hear about anything from you. Let it be photographs, writings, audio/videos podcasts, criticism and comments. We are all ears!

We would like to apologise for our mistakes or any inconveniences caused. Thank you so much for your participation!

By the way, the winners of the of the Blog Penang competition ran away with RM3,000 and left us with these three lovely posts about Penang:
1. Asia’s ‘European’ state – Kounila Keo
2. Pearl of the Orient, City of the Pirates – My Penang Story – Tzu-Che Huang
3. Rediscovering Penang with BlogFest Asia 2010! – John Khor

Best wishes from the organising committee of 2010 BlogFest.Asia.

18 Replies to “The Aftermath…”

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for this wonderful and very intersting festival.
    I’m actually working on a post for my blog about the festival, and will let you know when it will be ready. Actually it is to… correction stage, for some spelling and grammar mistakes in my english… eheheh, i’m french, and french are worlwidly known to have the worst english :p
    But, AGAIN, Thanks, to the organizers and attendants, for this wonderful festival. I hope to be able to be there for the next one… maybe in Myanmar 🙂


    PS : if you can make it happen in Myanmar, i know it will be difficult, but it will be a great lesson to the world… and with the help of the Myanmar Blogger Society, maybe it could happen…. just tell to the governement that allowng that, could be a good way to show to the world that they are “open” (notice that i put brackets on OPEN) 😉

    Good luck and looooooong live to BlogFest Asia.

  2. 我也出席了Blog Fest。[email protected]。當然,我不是每一個項目都參加。

  3. Hi everyone,

    Just back home safrely. I had a few very strong turbulence during my flight which was pretty scary (but at first it was exicting). Again I would like to thank everyone for your participation cause the event would not be as marvolous at it is now if you were not with me, and special thanks to KK, Vincent, Forrest, Yan, Sam, Jac, Gill and all the people who took great care of me cause you guys knew that I am the only girl from Hong Kong. I learnt a lot from every country and will try to make things better in HK, hope to see you all again next year. And After I recovered from the 7am morning flight and checked my hundreds of e-mail from the company, will try to write blog posts about BlogFest (unfortunately it is in Chinese), you may check them out later in or connect with me via facebook


  4. I had absolutely NO idea you guys ran something like this. I’m a blogger in Thailand, have several Thai blogs I write, and would LOVE to come to next year’s event. Am off to try to find an email list I can add myself to 🙂

    sounds like a fun event and nice photos!

  5. Well organized event. My family and I enjoyed meeting other bloggers from the different countries. Please let us know the venue of the next BlogFest.Asia when it is finalised. We look forward to meeting up with friends again.

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